Turbine meter

Turbinenradzähler RQ Baureihe 1
Turbinenradzähler RQ Baureihe 2

The turbine meter is used for flow and volume measurement of liquid.


Measuring liquids and liquefied gases in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in the mineral oil industry and loading systems, especially for high operating pressures and low viscosities.

The following liquid media can be measured with the turbine meter:

  • crude oil
  • mineral oil
  • acids
  • alkaline solutions
  • solvents
  • water
  • liquefied gases
  • refined oil products (gasoline, kerosene, jet A1, JP8, diesel)
  • vinyl chloride
Technical data
Nominal size DN15 to DN300 (1/2“ bis 12“)
Process connection Flanges according to DIN or ANSI

Carbon steel, stainless steel

(option: Hastelloy, Duplex)

Flow Range

0.15 to 2,400 m³/h
(40 to 643,013 gal/h)

Accuracy ±0,15% to ±0,5%
Repeatability ±0,02%
Viscosity 0,2 to 50 mPa·s
Process temperature -60°C to +250°C (-76°F to +482°F)
Process pressure up to 320 bar (4,641 psi)
Ex-protection Flame proof or intrinsically safe


Special features
  • high flow capacity
  • approved for fiscal metering
  • high measurement accuracy
  • high repeatability
  • proven and reliable measuring instruments